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May 2, 2013, 4:50 am
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This is Anna in line at the grocey store. In the 1-10 items line, carrying 8 things, 3 of them oranges but not getting a cart because she was only going in for 5 things but her eyes got big and here we are. Her left foot is crossed over her right, posing unintentionally, right hip jutting out just a bit. Her attention, when not on the oranges, is directed toward the magazines, Archie comics. She wants to read them but can’t and is thinking about jughead. Her mouth tastes like bananas. She is wearing a lightweight red cotton skirt and with the hand that isn’t scooping all the groceries she scratches her left thigh making her skirt ride up a bit. She doesn’t notice this but the 17 year old boy waiting in the next line with the groceries for his mother does. He notices she is wearing ankle socks that creep out the top of her leather shoes. He thinks this is the whole world if he could know her while she thinks about turning left out of the parking lot when she leaves. She thinks it’s 5:46 and knows the news is on in fourteen minutes. Realizing this she leans left and looks at who’s in front of her, calculating the amount of groceries the next two people have before chastising herself for docking the old man who’s next an extra 3 minutes for his age. Tapping her foot to the grocery music overhead reminds her of the man from years ago and the bus ride home from work. He must have worked near and had the nice headphones. She in her kitchen stink, white shirt stained would watch him out of the corner of her eye as he tapped and his fingers drummed out the beat on his jeaned thigh. The line moves ahead and Anna uncrosses her feet, moves slowly forward. Doing so unbunches and rebunches her underwear, riding up the chase of her left thigh. It is red which is why she bought it, that and it made her feel sporty to have those boxerbriefs. Who was most excited by them? James, Claire, Kurt?