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February 29, 2012, 9:37 pm
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I’m looking for a metaphor. In understanding the role of the ELCIC one can think of it as the infrastructure which allows the water (christianity) to flow to individual taps (the various congregations) keeping in mind that the purity of the water depends on the quality of the plumbing to which the taps are attached. In this way, if a congregation is marred with the interpretation


February 10, 2012, 7:00 pm
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it’s 2012 on the 11th floor of this library looking onto downtown toronto just as it is everywhere else. a fitting time for a post. why in the last five minutes do i feel that weak, sickly feeling creeping over me? why can’t i get down to business on this essay and instead will refresh every page on the internet that won’t collude to help me get a good grade on this here paper. it just don’t make sense. but in 6 minutes when the clock strikes 2pm i will turn my attention to the essay and solider on until it is time to walk to fiesta farms and buy groceries. even i’m not interested in what’s being said here so don’t worry dear (non-existent) reader, you are not alone. i will write on the social economy, about how relationships are important, more important than distinct lines because the world is grey anyway. it certainly is today looking out from this window up here on the eleventh floor. there, a smoke stack and further, the cn tower. in a few hours i will buy a hotdog and make my way home to finish this beast until it is time for tomorrow and then i will rise and make my way to ryerson and rejoice to meet many nice folks doing many nice things and hopefully make connections which will keep me employed and working hard once my graduation from this second university is over and done with. we have two minutes remaining and i wonder if there is anything to say that needs saying at this moment. no, i can’t think of anything either. but i do realize that one day soon enough i will be back here, reading this post and thinking about what to write and how i wish i was a published admired, drenched in women writer but instead i will be a drunken unshowered mess of an underemployed and over indebted master of adult education. that is really all that will happen and though pessimistic i can see it sure as shit as i can tell that i don’t want to start writing this paper. oh well, 2pm, time to begin.