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December 7, 2011, 4:52 pm
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At this point I want to run her brain through a blender hoping to by the end understand a little better. On my cell phone I look and see that she texted me last night and haven’t seen it until now what with being at work and purposefully leaving it at home and everything. How I’ve realized that this is a woman (maybe still a girl) who doesn’t feel the need to connect or see where the other person is at. Her brains and actions feel selfish even when we’re sitting in her apartment on 6th with the window that looks out and onto Vancouver downtown, the science centre, the arena. This is a room that I doubt I’ll think about in the future. To stand there and know that this would be forgotten as have so many other things with my shit memory. It made that moment something though I still remember it now. A treat to look out onto the world from a different spot, a location that was only granted access because of who I am, who I presented myself to be. Into the bedroom in the next room, a view that you have to move and lean to catch but doesn’t matter when the view of that room is usually taken in from a position lying on the bed. Looking over and seeing her walk in and out, nothing but black underwear, her tits cresting up reaching toward life and her ass contained. To look closer you see that her arms and her legs are built larger as though a future planned without her consent, a truth that will grow bigger.


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