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May 24, 2010, 6:20 am
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john cale-all my friends
the avett brothers-i and love and you
the do-at last

my roommate jack badly needs a haircut. he’s not supposed to come into my room as i have an inflatable bed and he is prone to incessant scratching but i know he’s been anyway. how? well the balls of hair left here, there, over by the cigarette butts, underneath the shed of my ‘professional’ papers. on the phone this afternoon, bored by yet another hesitation on the speaker’s part, i passed the time by collecting it all into one large pile. this made me happy, the whole process did, so that when i chuckled to myself upon finding each and every clump i wasn’t alone. i was with my hesitant speaker, long put on mute, who by that point had finally found their words but also unexpected dismay in hearing their frustrations met with a chuckle. apologies friend. you should really blame jack. i have been. for one, by no fault of his own, i’ve been blaming him for my other roommate’s tendency to speak to him as though he is a baby. and yes however much he does recall images of a babe in his unfailing whiny temperance, this does not mean he is a babe. it means he needs a haircut and it means you haven’t given him one because of last time, when he lashed out, hurting your neck, cutting your forearm. tougher love. this i don’t agree with. tough love stinks. letting someone know when they’ve done wrong is not tough love so long as you wrap it in the package that says, you are not bad. what you did is bad.


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