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May 16, 2010, 6:59 am
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we’ve taken it to the next level. as a result I’ve taken an apartment next to the bus depot. or where the buses sleep at night, the station? the garage? this way, every morning, and all the time really, i’m never away from the bus lines. they ones that run overheard. they really do crisscross their way all across the city. of course they don’t run over every streets. certain streets, ash, templeton, i really like willow too, are ones that i imagine i’ll come to miss over the course of the next year. i think i’ll be able to do it, confident but certainly not cocky. it will be tough. what if i meet someone? and they want to go back to their place?

at the very least i know that my job won’t have me rushing across town, making deliveries, picking up orders. in an effort to stick with it i’ve taken a sabatical from an organization, institution really, that is decidedly off the bus line path. and earlier this week i was able to secure a job at the bakery on knight, a street with bus lines galore. i even went so far as to concoct a painful memory, with subsequent physical side effects, on my first test shift in which seals the fact that i am no longer able enough to make cross town deliveries or anything of the sort. the confined space of the bakery room, which isn’t as bad as that may seem. it’s actually quite airy with a lot of light in a way that thus far casts a fresh glow on even the darkest of batters.

my house.

my year to figure out an equally difficult challenge

my recounting of last year, a task which by far bested all those which came before

and in the course of it, i’ll say, come to discover, through a process of deeply interesting inner monologue, what that challenge will be.

to bed.

if where i’m going is right off the street but it has a courtyard, like the library (god that place is inviting) well that’s allowed.


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