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a sortin we will go!
August 20, 2009, 5:36 am
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girls-solitude – i like the meandering? i don’t? yeah, i don’t.

woods-to clean – sweepy lo-fi that i like. girl and boy. and some banging tapping banging. i subscribe. for a second, split, was a touch of hidden cameras

hope sandoval-trouble – her voice smokes out of a radio play at certain points. i bet she strums while rhythmically swaying back and forth. she says trouble a lot. too smokey. burnt pancakes. no. burnt souffle. no. burnt coffee in a stylish diner.

the sadies-anna leigh – we know where anna leigh is. she’s on long windy tree lined country roads, standing in bare feet, holding a smoking cigarette, watching a pickup race away from her, kicking up dirt as it goes. i don’t care if she’s wearing a dress or not.

forest city lovers-scared of time – kat burns’ voice. a plucking guitar. nice. who ever started saying nice wasn’t nice anyway?

the d’urbervilles-magic arrow – why someone put their debut in the used collection at sonic boom two days after it was released still baffles me. or maybe sonic boom does that with the extras. hmmm. in any case, fellow’s voice sounds like what i always wished jim morrison’s voice sounded. to be clear, he doesn’t sound like jim morrison. god i hate the doors. not the d’urbervilles though.

nurses-caterpillar playground – whistling? i love whistling! fits really well with the keyboard. it’s like we’re birds on a branch and your band sounds are trickling out an open window.

castlemusic-heaven – ok my ears aren’t very smart but remember back in november when for my birthday my brother took me to see ohbijou/gentleman reg/timber timbre? well what timber timbre sounded like that night is what this sounds like in girl voice form. simple guitar, hollow vocals, a touch less haunting.

ladyhawke-my delirium – i don’t like this dancy electro time machine. echo-y. wail-y. unsubstantial-y

taken by trees-watch the waves – yup. delicate voice. furious plucking with a drum beat, no those are claps that are covered. whoops.


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