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August 12, 2009, 8:15 am
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tanya davis, art

whoa. i didn’t mean anything by it, hell i didn’t even think twice about it. but i want you to know that i in no way meant any disrespect. nor did i mean to insinuate, as it seems i have, that i don’t see you as the ‘head’ of this house we have here. there have often been instances in the past, and if need be i can show you where, where i have asked you a question via email, where in those emails i have asked you to reply and yet i have received no such reply. this is why, and because the issue at hand in the email is so important, i asked in the manner i did.

i have to be honest with you, i’m surprised by your response. i genuininly ask you, even if i had knowingly told you to reply, what would have been the harm? i know you’re the boss here. i’ve always known that and, unfortunately at times, i’ve known because you’ve made that abundantly clear. i say ‘unfortunately at times’ because you raise you voice a great deal more than i feel you should. you, obviously, feel differently, and i welcome your reasoning as to why that is the case. but hear me out. you can get whatever point you are making across, and do so clearly, by highlighting natural consequences

i feel that your response was disrespectful and unprofessional. while yes, i am on a lower rung of the tower of power here than you are, i don’t feel that is a blank cheque for you to do with as you please in terms of how you treat me. i’m not surprised by your outburst but i do feel you owe me an apology.

i’ve written this, as opposed to bringing it up face-to-face, because i am intimidated by you and when i am intimidated by someone, i do not get my points out as clearly as i would like. now, with that being said, i feel as though what i’ve brought up merits in-person discussion. if you would like to set up at meeting time in the near future to talk about this, i would be more than happy to do so. i would suggest a meeting after you start work but before 4 p.m so we have the time. and when we do, i would like this meeting to be between you and i. so not while others are in the office and not during shift change. thank you. i appreciate your taking the time to take these points into consideration. it sounds phoney, but i do mean it.


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