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August 1, 2009, 6:29 pm
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trust me. i’ve seen some shit. more than my share of shit. just yesterday i was hangin gout with an ’03. now that is new. he hadn’t even been overseas yet, out of province even. that kind of interaction can make a guy feel old. really old. to be 65 years his senior makes for a strange conversation and an annoying one. hell i didn’t even realize what was up for my first three years. and here this one is question after question after ping! but that’s the trouble with my situation and his and hers and others we’re all bound together by ridiculousness. by the fact that what has happened to us has been on a grand scale, we’re a face not even representated by us. we were nameless failed writers in our own time which has been solidified by the unquestionable amount we’re worth in this one. how cruel and unbending the universe that our own beliefs in the lack of worth we have has resulted in (death)(more pancakes)()


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