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July 4, 2009, 11:51 pm
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air- the vagabond
cass mccombs-sacred heart

nobody wanted to kill the fly, the spider, or the earwig so everyone stopped paying attention. unfortunately, they shouldn’t have. that way they would have watched the earwig walk around on the ground, get bored, and leave the room through the crack in the wall. then they would have noticed that the crack was big enough to surprise at its size. and then they would have to get frustrated at themselves because no doubt that’s where the draft came from that kept things so tense in the winter. and then someone else, would ha ha chuckle first before telling the owners that maybe we should have just left things be. this would lead to an earnest discussion about the merit of ignorance as bliss which would lead three people present to (quietly) roll their eyes and start to plan out how best to cynically phrase the re-telling they planned to give their partners when they get home. miles was going to say something about how he didn’t see bongs or college textbooks anywhere, and yet conversation onward. if she could find the words, anne was going to make some sort of joke about ignorance being bliss when it came to conversations about ignorance being bliss. tom was going to go home and say no more, no less than “i hate those fucking dinner parties.”


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