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June 14, 2009, 2:35 am
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john vanderslice-the parade

lotus plaza-whiteout; -sunday night

pobpah-young adult friction

i filled up a coffee cup yesterday with something that was not coffee. unless coffee is made of black blood. then it would be similar though not identical. because blood is red. once i did it (don’t ask me where i got it) i looked at it for a very long time. not because the blood was made of hypnosis but because i thought about drinking it. just looking down and closing my eyes and gulping a swallow as though it was any other day and it was any other liquid. could you imagine? i certainly did. i imagined what it would taste like to have a full swallow of blood. thick i bet. like yogurt. no actually, not like yogurt.

don’t worry. i didn’t do it. i just thought about doing it. ok i raised the cup to my lips, well more about my throat but still, it was close. oh goodness, i just shivered thinking about it. i love shivers. i love shivers as much as i love finding ways to get my palms to stop sweating. there are many different kinds of shivers. almost as many different shivers as there are blankets. afghans, duvets, quilts, regular blankets. this corresponds in many ways to scared, erotic, happy, cold shivers.

after i finished with the blood mug, i moved onto socks. new white tube socks. the kind that hug your feet as though you’ve known each other all your lives (especially that time in cleveland when i couldn’t stop crying) but you’ve really just met. socks with really deep eyes and very honest souls. about sixteen years ago i made a lot of money. a lot. not enough that i got new friends but enough that things got awkward. in any case, one package of new socks with 8 pairs of socks costs 5 dollars. 365 divided by 8 is how much money. or maybe not. math didn’t get me rich, it just proved that i am. so i was able to afford new socks for every day of the year. it’s actually not all that much money, you probably could too. i don’t even know why i brought up the money, i really need to get over this rich thing.

but what could i do with all those leftover socks but get rid of them. so i would. in my city when you have garbage that’s garbage and not recycling or compost you put it in a clear garbage bag. this is a problem for a lot of reasons, and it comes up every week. for instance, last month (at my mansion!) i threw a little get together that some would hastily refer to as a lust lodge. i know this because the next day when i was taking out the trash my neighbour who seems to live at the end of his laneway used…..


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