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June 12, 2009, 12:53 am
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she wrote it all down and hid it in a book in the library. the printer didn’t work so she had to write it out by hand. there were things crossed out, arrows leading to the stray thoughts that had come during or later. by the end, errors and all, the letter was beautiful.sentences that flowed effortlessly into well formed paragraphs, it was funny in parts, heartbreaking (or so she felt) in others, and then there were the instructions she’d left at the end. if somebody did read it, she was certain it was something they wouldn’t be able to ignore. she almost didn’t want to give it away.

it had been easier than expected to find the right spot. she started by finding where she would sit and wait. it was a small library, only two floors, so there weren’t that many options to choose from. on the main floor, the library had two main sections. a large square room as you walked in and then a rectangle of an alcove attached to the square. general fiction was in the rectangle. the stacks were lined up one after the other. there were five stacks. after the 2nd and before the 3rd was a window with a ledge. the end of the ledge was behind the 3rd stack so that, sitting on the ledge, your face was obstructed by all those in the 2nd aisle and all they would see would be your feet. so that’s where she’d wait. the second aisle.


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