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January 7, 2009, 6:32 am
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for the first time in a long time i’m excited to type out words that my brain assembled for that specific purpose. it has to do with many things all of which actually have to do with one. guess which is the main one:

(a) streaming andrew bird’s new cd on npr right now, now, NOW!

(b) reading blogs from many good folks around guelph but not liking to have to think about the word ornate

(c) being fully stretched out in a sleeping bag while on top of flannel, red flannel. sexy i know. well not that semen stain but still. sexy.

Ok, it’s b alright. why does it take me reading stuff that i feel i could writer better then to get my tug boat a-tugging? this is no competition, it never was and yes i realize that this is not better than what i’ve already written but it. dammit this is a lot about me and my feelings. maybe i could make it more about pieces.

confession: the phrase ‘hot carl’ makes me laugh/smile/occasionally giggle. i realize that a ‘hot carl’ involves hitting another with a poop filled sock and that on its own i don’t find to be all that funny. but when tied to the phrase ‘hot carl’ i laugh. when i think of ‘hot carl’ as a verb i smile. when i think of, as my brother tells me, brian borchedt’s old band ‘hot carl’ i get curious. i like that borchedt fellow and am baffled to shit why his new album (the one with evil twin) despite it’s lonely voice/guitar playing only, i would not classify as emo even though when you’re listening to it it sounds like emo. is it because it’s good and i don’t like the phrase emo (forget about that dashboard cd in my closet). what the hell are we doing here if not figuring out things that have been figured out by better people at better times.

confession: i’m a tad worried about this andrew bird fellow. it seems according to this ny times focus that came out this weekend bird is looking to get bigger and he’s making a big marketing push with this new record. hell he’s stremaing it right now, now, NOW. it’s nice, it’s swell. i’d put it on in the afternoon but it’s not fake palindromes andrew bird that got lyndsay to send him my way in the first place. there’s not the pop tricks, the whistling, the hooks. i feel cheap, a half eaten box of toe nail clippings, that all i’m looking for is hooks. but it also seems like he’s got himself quite the following. and not all of his business has sounded fake palindramish, oh but this is nice (44:18) so i’m sure it’ll be fine. i like it, it’s a good listen, it flows swell and sweet but (as your confession draws near) (i like the idea of that sentence, i like fatalism, if andrew bird is a fatalist, i hope he also sees the fan rock i’ll throw through his window as such) but would i come back to it again and again. maybe. or is it just that i like the idea of npr streaming. yeah that’s probably it.